Weird first real game i worked on. Was a core programmer on it.

Learned a lot from this game.

Simple but  im proud of it


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Cool angle on the ball. I fell off, but I couldn't reset with 'R'.

yeah sorry about that. It was like one of the first full fledge projects I worked on.  But thanks on the feed back! 

Hey i see you have a jumping mechanic in your game. Im currently working on a game and when i tried adding a jump mechanic but he just goes straight up and up and doesnt come back down. Any idea how to add  that. I can send you that part of the script. the only thing is that my game is 3D not 2D. 

I used a boolean checking for contact with ground. A jump makes it false and landing makes it true. When jump input pressed, jump only if boolean is true. A better way is to use a raycast downwards. If distance from ground is less than some value, then jump.

yeah me too. Don’t understand why it just keeps going up. But thank you 

Paste the script to pastebin or something and I'll look. Code only does what you tell it to.

yeah I will when I get home. And I added a Debug.Log to see if it’s doing it. And in the console it just says true. So it always thinks it’s grounded. Never says false and comes down